Specifile Digital Library

The Specifile Digital Library is an online product librarian for architects, designers, consulting engineers and quantity surveyorsThe Specifile Digital Library is an online product librarian for subscribers in the construction and building industries

As brochures are received from manufacturers, they are processed, indexed, categorised and keyword linked. Then they are uploaded to the Digital Library. Not a working day goes by that a new or updated brochure is not added to the library.

Most building product manufacturers and suppliers will upload their brochures to their own websites. However, they will not normally do what the Specifile Digital Library does - each and every brochure we receive is indexed according to: brochure title, supplier name, building product category/ies, a variety of relevant keywords and tags. Keywords and tags include common building product search phrases, building product classifications, trade names and applications. And, while Google can search through PDFs to find some of this information, it will not find all – we use trained classification staff to index and categorise the brochures.

All of this is available at a rate of R125 pm (plus VAT) per subscribing office! Taking into account the time saved searching through various websites, we believe you will agree that this is phenomenal value for money. A service that will definitely make your life easier.

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