African Printer

African Printer

African Printer is an indispensable resource for anyone involved in the printing industry across the African continent and the Middle East. African Printer takes a look at all the news, views, and breaking stories across the African continent on a quarterly basis.

African Printer is the only publication dedicated to the printing, graphic arts, and related industries, in Africa and...Read more: African Printer

Conference Venues SA

Conference Venues Annual Guide

Now in its 16th year of publication, CONVEN is issued in November each year and is used extensively by professional and corporate conference organisers to provide quick and easy access to an extensive selection of conference venues across South Africa.

For more information and to access Conven go to The website highlights weekly specials, events, conference...Read more: Conference Venues SA

Corporate Profiles

Corporate Profiles

Infixion Media handles the specialist publishing of corporate profiles for leading businesses across numerous industry sectors.

These profiles, written by Infixion Media's leading editors and journalists, and distributed within our world-class journals, present the perfect opportunity for your company to produce a cost-effective and objectively viewed marketing publication, profiling your achievements and the numerous unique aspects of your business to...Read more: Corporate Profiles

Electra Mining Catalogue

Electra Mining Catalogue

Infixion Media is the official media partner to Montgomery Specialised's world-class biannual show, Electra Mining Africa, and is commissioned to produce the official exhibition catalogue.

This catalogue is indispensable to visitors to the show, providing a complete guide to the products and services displayed by exhibitors as well as important information about the companies exhibiting their wares. Research has proven...Read more: Electra Mining Catalogue

Food Manufacturing Africa

Food Manufacturing Africa is the only magazine of its kind in Africa to target decision makers in the manufacturing processes of food, beverages, and related industries. It offers incisive and authoritative reports on all aspects of the process, from raw material sourcing, to manufacturing and packing, down to the distribution and marketing of finished goods. Food Manufacturing Africa informs readers about the...Read more: Food Manufacturing Africa


Graphix magazine

GRAPHIX is an indispensable resource for anyone involved in the printing industry. Covering the industry in depth, GRAPHIX takes a look at all the news, views, and breaking stories on a monthly basis.

Since 1973, GRAPHIX has been the leader in covering happenings in the South African printing industry. Every month it explores issues affecting the print world, publishes in-depth articles...Read more: Graphix

Health & Safety Acts

Branded OSH books for companies

Infixion Media, publishers of the Business Blue Book for over 70 years, also offers copies of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and the Mine Health & Safety Act for organisations. For orders of over ten copies, these Acts can be branded with your own company logo’s and names.

The law is clear when it comes to Health and Safety......Read more: Health & Safety Acts

Industrial Buyer

Industrial Buyer

INDUSTRIAL BUYER is an easy-to-use, response-orientated 'catazine' — the most cost-efficient way for suppliers to reach, saturate and influence buyers in the manufacturing and engineering sectors in southern Africa.

INDUSTRIAL BUYER targets buyers in the packaging and printing; food and beverage; pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing industries; the building and construction sector; and the transport industry.

Published seven times per annum...Read more: Industrial Buyer

Industrial Buyer Africa

Industrial Buyer Africa

INDUSTRIAL BUYER AFRICA is an easy-to-use, response-orientated 'catazine' — the most cost-efficient way for suppliers to reach, saturate and influence buyers in the manufacturing and engineering sectors in the African region.

INDUSTRIAL BUYER AFRICA delivers meaningful and relevant information about the products and services being used in Africa’s mining, manufacturing, construction, engineering, retail and consumer boom, to the business owners...Read more: Industrial Buyer Africa


Medimail mailing service to doctors

The MediMail database includes the most comprehensive and up-to-date lists including medical specialists, general practitioners, dentists, optometrists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, interns, hospitals, and all auxiliary support services in the healthcare sector in South Africa. MediMail is regarded as the crème de la crème of medical mailing lists, with ‘nixies’ seldom exceeding 2% - a standard so low it’s virtually unheard of...Read more: MediMail

Mining Equipment Buyer

Mining Equipment Buyer

Mining Equipment Buyer is an easy-to-use, response-orientated 'catazine', providing  the most cost-efficient way for suppliers to reach, saturate and influence buyers in the mining and mining-related industries in southern Africa.

Mining Equipment Buyer reaches 12 500 key decision-makers throughout the mining industry. With its bold, innovative design, Mining Equipment Buyer demands the attention of buyers. Mining Equipment Buyer's landscape format...Read more: Mining Equipment Buyer


Infixion Media’s growing online presence offers endless opportunities for information sharing, including daily news updates, feature articles and newsletters.

We send regular newsletters to subscribers in a variety of different industries. These highlight news, product developments and happenings in the relevant industries. 

The editorial team goes to great lengths to ensure the information portrayed is factual and current, guaranteeing...Read more: Newsletters

Packaging Review SA Online

Packaging Review website

Packaging Review Online, presents readers with authoritative reports and opinion on all aspects of the South African packaging industry. It is dedicated to the unambiguous packaging trends, news, technology and opinions of interest to specific industries.

Articles centre on five main themes - pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, beverage packaging and packaging printing.

Addiitionally, industry specific articles are published monthly...Read more: Packaging Review SA Online

ProPak Catalogue

The ProPak Catalogue is produced exclusively by Infixion Media for Propak Africa, and includes detailed descriptions of exhibitors and their product ranges, floorplans, show guides and more. The entire catalogue is now also available online through

In addition to being distributed in print form at each exhibition, the Propak Catalogue is available online for future reference...Read more: ProPak Catalogue

Pulse Buyers' Guide

Pulse Buyers Guide

This highly regarded annual publication contains crucial information for anyone doing business with South Africa's electrical and electronics vendors.

All information, comprising full directory, cross-referenced agencies and classified product data, is thoroughly researched and meticulously compiled.

This directory of vendors, suppliers, products and services in the electronics and electrical industries in South Africa provides a single source of information to...Read more: Pulse Buyers' Guide

SA Food Review

SA Food Review

Food Review presents its readers with accurate and authoritative reports on all aspects of food and beverage manufacture. For more information and to access Food Review go to

The journal has been the industry mouthpiece for the past 40 years. Incorporating Beverage Review and Packaging Review, the journal is more comprehensive, relevant and valuable than ever. It...Read more: SA Food Review

SA Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review presents readers with incisive and authoritative reports on all aspects of manufacturing, packaging and marketing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, health and wellness, and household products.

For the past 40 years, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review has provided readers with reports on the manufacturing, packaging and marketing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, health and wellness and household products. It...Read more: SA Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review


Specifier for the AEC industries

A monthly magazine for AEC (architectural, engineering and construction) professionals, SPECIFIER is issued to some 5 000 offices. Highlighting new products and developments in the building industry, SPECIFIER consists of short and pertinent articles and is designed to provide a quick and informative read for this community.

The SPECIFIER websitecontains products and industry news and is updated daily. All articles...Read more: Specifier

Specifile online

Specifile website for the AEC industry

A subscriber-based information portal on building products available in South Africa, this extensive website includes brochures, product summaries, suppliers, CAD drawings, generic information and product editorials. 28 000 registered users use this website to source building product information on a regular basis.

The Architectural and Construction Division is directed at AEC (architectural, engineering and construction) professionals. The services reach some...Read more: Specifile online

The Buyers' Guide

The Buyers Guide

The Buyers’ Guide includes suppliers and components to the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, packaging and printing industries. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it on The Buyers’ Guide.

The Buyers’ Guide is a fully indexed and searchable online catalogue of suppliers and components to numerous industries. Find suppliers of the products and services your business needs, and...Read more: The Buyers' Guide