Events & Marketing

The print publication (CONVEN) is used extensively by professional and corporate conference organisers to provide quick and easy access to an extensive selection of conference venues across South Africa. For more information and to access Conven go to

New Product Competitions

Infixion Media runs the Pharmacos NPC (Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review New Product Competition) as well as the Food Review NPC. Both competitions are very successful and serve to introduce, acknowledge and publicise new products in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and beverage industries in South Africa.

Infixion Media handles the specialist publishing of corporate profiles for leading businesses across numerous industry sectors.

Reach all, or part, of Infixion Media's unrivalled database of business leaders across the South African commercial and industrial sectors; as well as into Africa.

Show and Exhibition Catalogues
Infixion Media has extensive experience in producing both print and online catalogues for trade shows and exhibitions. An online data capture system with automated reminders ensures that catalogues and visitors' guides are both comprehensive and user-friendly.