Engineering & Construction

Archi-Text Design Library

An exceptionally comprehensive library, the Archi-Text system of 29 binders contains brochures, datasheets and catalogues of building products. The Archi-Text library has now been replaced with the Specifile Digital Library, an even more comprehensive selection of over 20 000 pages of building, design and engineering products.

Infixion Media is the official media partner to Specialised Exhibition's world-class biannual show, ElectraMining Africa, and is commissioned to produce the official exhibition catalogue.

Mining Equipment Buyer is an easy-to-use, response-orientated 'catazine' the most cost-efficient way for suppliers to reach, saturate and influence buyers in the mining and mining-related industries in southern Africa.

A monthly magazine for AEC (architectural, engineering and construction) professionals, SPECIFIER is issued to some 5 000 offices. Highlighting new products and developments in the building industry, SPECIFIER consists of short and pertinent articles and is designed to provide a quick and informative read for this community.

Specifile Building Library

The Specifile Building Library was launched in 1959 and continued as a hard copy library until 2012. It is now available as the Specifile Digital Library, a comprehensive selection of electronic brochures that subscribers can either browse through in order to obtain ideas or use the highly efficient search program to pinpoint the exact product they require.

Specifile Digital Library

An online subscriber-based information services to the AEC (Architectural, Engineering & Construction) industries. Containing over 20 000 pages of technical product information relating to these industries, the Digital Library is easily searched to track down the exact building product required. Alternatively, subscribers can browse through the thousands of catalogues in order to compare various products and applications.

Specifile online

A subscriber-based information portal on building products available in South Africa, this extensive website includes brochures, product summaries, suppliers, CAD drawings, generic information and product editorials. 28 000 registered users use this website to source building product information on a regular basis.

Infixion Media handles the specialist publishing of corporate profiles for leading businesses across numerous industry sectors.

Reach all, or part, of Infixion Media's unrivalled database of business leaders across the South African commercial and industrial sectors; as well as into Africa.

INDUSTRIAL BUYER is an easy-to-use, response-orientated 'catazine' — the most cost-efficient way for suppliers to reach, saturate and influence buyers in the manufacturing and engineering sectors in southern Africa.  INDUSTRIAL BUYER reaches over 50 000 key decision-makers throughout the general manufacturing & industrial sectors in southern Africa. INDUSTRIAL BUYER is published 7 times per year.

LAUNCHING IN 2013 - Industrial Buyer Africa will distribute 40 000 copies per quarter circulating across sub-Saharan Africa in Angola; Cameroon; emocratic Republic of the Congo; Ethiopia; Ghana; Kenya; Madagascar; Malawi; Mauritius; Mozambique; Nigeria; Rwanda; Senegal; Tanzania; Uganda; and Zambia.

Show and Exhibition Catalogues
Infixion Media has extensive experience in producing both print and online catalogues for trade shows and exhibitions. An online data capture system with automated reminders ensures that catalogues and visitors' guides are both comprehensive and user-friendly.